I cant be without you

Its been crazy, two days of feeling away from you,

my heart breathed with a slow pace,

walked like i had a broken a limb,

felt distant at night as if i was warmed by a distant fire.

Missing your eyes, the glitter in them when you look at me,

the broad smile you make when you laugh at my insane jokes,

your hair as i feel its strands in-between my fingers.

Walking in a wilderness, wishing i was never without you again,

feeling lost, wishing you always stay with me.

I love you my Queen……

I miss you in each passing day if i do not hear your voice,

hearing your neediness and feeling you looking at me.

When my eyes see you, no woman can be more beautiful…

I cannot wake up without you,

or sleep without you…. My day and night will be full of cold.

You live in my heart like the very blood that sustains me,

your words follow me to every place i go.

your image in my eyes,

your scent on my clothes.

I cannot be without you Elzette Rousseau ❤

Do you remember….

Do you remember, the night before when your tears stopped flowing in the early hours of the morning….

Do you remember the morning after, when words seemed to flow like a raging river….

Do you remember the first day we met….. Nine months passed did you remember…

Passing each other like strangers…. Yet inside us was a knowledge of each other…..

A knowledge that makes us feel like we have been lovers for years……

Do you remember that morning……..  May 3rd……..

Do you remember your words, do you remember mine……….

Do you remember how you spoke to me……

Your words going around my defenses……

Do you remember how we shared each others lives for the first time…….

Do you remember seeing me, as i saw you…….

Three hours……. and i suspected i had found you……….

Remember the first cup of coffee we ever shared…….


Remember when i played patient and you played doctor…….

Remember when we shared our desires….

Remember the time i asked you for your number……

Remember the first time I called you babe….

Remember the first time i told you I love you……

Remember how we wanted to run to the border every day…….

Remember when you told me that I was the hottest chick you had ever seen.. Well at least the ones with facial hair…..


Remember watching a movie together….

Remember me teasing you with chocolate…..

Remember the first time you gave me the evil laugh after i threatened to sue you for typing faster than me on whatsapp….


I remember that day….. The lazy clouds up in the sky….

Absorbed in our conversations……

I never imagined that it would be the day when I would finally meet you.,…

Today we are back where we met on that day…..

Having come so far, facing new doors in our lives together……

I feel your fingers in-between mine and look into your eyes…..

When we first met here we were nothing more than 2 people……

Today we are two lovers……….

I can never say what made us talk on that day…..

But it does not matter because it happened for a reason……

I met the love of my life, the queen of my heart, my future and my lover……

I love you #ELZE



Last night….

I drifted to my distant slumber,

where no voice can wake me or no breeze can chill me…

And there you stood, your black hair flowing in the wind as it breezed past you…

Your skin, fair and soft like velvet on the skin…

Your stood, in the clouds, eyes fixed on me and i could not look away…


A sight to behold, my heart was slain by your beauty….

She is mine, she is mine…..

I held your hands in mine, your fingers in-between mine…..

felt your blood in your veins as you did mine….

She is mine… She is mine….


All in me writhed at your sight,

Your gaze bring me peace, joy….

I could not take my eyes off you.

What have you done to me…..


Last night, i woke from my slumber…

With your image in my eyes,

with your scent all over me,

with your hand in mine….


Last night i woke up…

And All in me, wanted to ask you…

Wanted to ask you for….

Wanted to ask you for your hand….

For life…

For you are my love, and there shall be no other…..



In my dreams she dwells, like a nimbus cloud she  towers high,

In my eyes she flashes, even in their slumber she is clear……

I have waited, waited so long…….

To see her in my slumber and in my rising….

Her dark hair, her inquisitive eyes, her smile,

her voice as it cuts through the silence,

her touch that melts away all ice and chills…….


In my dreams I feel her, like the sun I feel her in my sight and in my blindness,

She is in all I cannot see………

She transverses my heart like she has the master key,

my mind like she has the picture of the whole puzzle…..

She sees me, in my brokenness, in the refuge of my silence,

and grace me with she smiles and washes me with her tears…..


Could this be real, that she is in my dreams and also in my waking……..

Could time finally seen the loneliness of my walk and brought me my companion…….

In my dreams, I walk with her on a sandy beach, her hands in mine, slowly into a sunset…..

In my dreams, I carry her in my hands on a path in a jungle, walking into a setting sun………

In my dreams….. I wish you could see her, and understand how my heart is slain and taken……..


Without blemish, without scratch….. In my dreams and in my waking, she is perfect……..

What am I to deserve her, a broken cup in the potters hut…….

What am I to deserve a ruby, a rat that feeds of the crumbs from the masters table………

Her beauty, the depth of her heart, the warmth of her heart…. What am I………………

Yet the master smiles even to a rat……. For she is the ancient desire of my heart…..

In her I rejoice and in her I find myself……

In my dreams, in my waking….. I have found peace in her….

My heart is hers, no one else………. Written on stone walls in my winter….

She lives from the need set in stone……. Inscribed in my loneliness and yet today she lives in my comfort……

In my dreams, she touches me like I am the only man alive……. In my waking, she looks at me as if only I walk the planet……..

In her gaze I have found love, I shall not want more for in her is my everything……..

In jou arms (In your arms)

In your arms… i sing whilst my mind drifts in a unfolding dream,

In your arms… I go to sleep feeling your heart beating in my ear,

In your arms… I wake up to feel you breathing against my skin,

Cold winter chills, my friends for ages deserted me at your warmth,

like a child i wrap myself in you, feeling your arms around me,

your warm embrace silencing all my fears,  i raise my eyes to look into yours

and i see myself in them, as if i have known you for decades…


You smile at me and i feel a joyous pain cracking down my heart,

could it be true, that your beauty touches all of me, that you have no blemish

that you are perfect, that you are untouched….. I have seen it, it is true

My hearts desire, the tear of joy from my right eye, in your arms i have found,

the answer to my years of loneliness, the reminder that i was never forgotten,

the promise of eternity….. Like a bright light coming through the shadows,

your arms rub away all my fears, and give me the hope of time to come,

the dream of ages, the love of a diamond Queen.


In your arms i feel the comfort of a white dove,

the soft caress of velvet on my skin,

In your arms i feel the passion of my equal,

the strength of my helper….

Any man was a fool, to not see you are the diamond you are…..

for in your arms………

in your arms………

in your arms ….

My lief, my koningin, my sielsgenoot, in jou arms Ek behoort sedert die dag dat ek bestaan………………………………………..

She is…………………………………..

I awake from my slumber,

a tear is trickling down my cheek and my heart………

I can feel pain, joyous pain, the intensity of desire,

What is this i feel, the emotion that exists in the progression of time,

what is this i feel, that i should be so mindful of it each passing hour.


Your image comes over my eyes like a lasting vision,

you are all i see, my heart seeks you and calls out your name,

you feed me, fill me with your love, you paralyze me.

Who is this mortal who woke me from my slumber,

She is the wielder of my desire, the full portion of my future,

her touch turns my hardened heart to the hypnotic flow of velvet.


You are in my blood, filling every part of me,

pacing in my heart and opening floodgates keeping my passion at bay.

I am overwhelmed by you my bride, your name comes from my lips in my slumber,

your passion cripples me, i cannot move under your desire and pressure,

your beauty, like a green bay tree standing in a valley dancing in the wind as the sun

shines bright in the sky.


Who is this mortal who can take me prisoner…..

She is the portion of my future, the promise of of aged desire,

She is my queen, my beloved, my bride,

Her presence calls me to attention,

her touch sends me into a wild rage ,

Surely i have found favor, to be woken from my slumber,

for my bride….. She is the keeper of my heart,

and in her, have i found love that will turn my hair grey

and still be as alive as the kicking of a baby.

She is my beloved.


Shall you…..

Shall you go, or shall you stay….

Shall you tear my heart from me, or dwell in it…..

Shall my eyes see darkness once more, or shall they forever know your beauty…..


Touch my heart, the aura of my existence and see if I am not true,

Your heart I seek, for to bare and for me to love,

Your soul I hear, pulling more and more till we twist into the stars as one,

Your nakedness I seek, so I can shield you and pour my strength into you,

I seek, so you will never have to fear, to never again mark your cheeks with tears,

So that in all things, you know the warm embrace of love, affection and happiness.


Reach into my soul, behind the doors of my heart,

Grasp and wield my desires, weave them in your soul so you will forever know them,

Look into my eyes, the testaments of my heart, see if they are not true,

See if the fire of my essence is not in their apples.

Dwell with me; fill my world with your aura,

So that all in it has your scent, your touch, your colour.


I am all around you, rubbing you so that you feel me all around you,

Find me in the absence of sight, in the dwelling place of memory and the

River of never aging affection,

I am never far away from you, for if I cannot dwell in your heart,

Where shall I dwell….. Call for me, set forth your hand and touch my essence,

And see if I will not weave myself around you.

My hands will wipe any tears and my love will chase away all fear, I am never far

My queen for my world dwells in your heart, in the rivers of your desires,

Your desires are the doorway into my world……


Cry not, cry not anymore for the burden of your tears cuts my peace to many pieces,

Your fear cripples me and covers my eyes with helplessness, please fear not for I will bare you,

Touch my lips; let the sweet taste of your lips pressing on mine lock us in time,

Till all ages have passed, not a dream but reality is your sweet lips to me,

My lips will not rest anywhere except on yours, breath into me as I breath into you and

Let our breaths of life dwell in each other…..


Hold my hands, close your eyes, and see the picture of my life,

See the many mysteries of my mind body and soul,

So you will never doubt but know that in all things, I love you

Stay my queen, stay my love, for in your embrace, in your love, in you comfort is my existence,

If you go, I shall never know what it is to live again……..