Finding Corey: Chapter 7(Final Words) *** Final Chapter ***

I guessed it was that time. I didn’t have anything else to turn to; my heart had been ripped out. How could she have left so fast? My heart bled a river of unsaid things, regret now looking like a common friend for life. It was pretty much like any other summer afternoon, no rainContinue reading “Finding Corey: Chapter 7(Final Words) *** Final Chapter ***”

Finding Corey: Chapter 6(Timely Reality)

I didn’t commune much with Adrian after the trip to her grave. If at all Adrian had locked up more than I had because he never spoke about what was going on inside him. Josephine was worse; she was far away with no hope of coming to see where her dear friend was buried. IContinue reading “Finding Corey: Chapter 6(Timely Reality)”

Finding Corey: Chapter 5(…………Shutdown)

Talking to my friends had always been an everyday thing, text messages flying about and phone calls crowding the airwaves but I got to a state where even talking to my friends was just too heavy. I didn’t want to talk, I wanted to be left alone because what possibly could one say that wouldContinue reading “Finding Corey: Chapter 5(…………Shutdown)”

Finding Corey: Chapter 3(Deep Roads)

I woke up that morning feeling like a rock, just sitting there at the mercy of all the elements of Mother Nature’s wrath. I took a shower but I was even too dull to clean myself. I constantly drifted off as the water ran down my body. For an hour I stood in the shower,Continue reading “Finding Corey: Chapter 3(Deep Roads)”

Finding Corey: Chapter 1(Crumbling)

Fear, the realization that comes when one feels alone, deserted, haunted, stalked by a shadow craved with blood lust. No hand can rub enough to keep you warm, thought can for a moment bring liberation but all that is reality is to be in fear. Even strong men know fear but their strength comes fromContinue reading “Finding Corey: Chapter 1(Crumbling)”