Disturbia: Chapter 10(My new Today) ****Final Chapter****

I have come a mighty long way Gary. Gone are the days of my childhood and teenage life. I have started to enjoy my youth now. I do not see my father with the same eyes I used to back then. I can’t hate him. All I can do is show him what he didn’tContinue reading “Disturbia: Chapter 10(My new Today) ****Final Chapter****”

Disturbia: Chapter 4(The jigsaw puzzle)

Ok Corey, are you sure you want to continue? We can always continue another day. I am fine Gary, I can finish this. Ok, so Corey, tell me what was happening in your mind. Ahem, ok, my mind was a jigsaw puzzle. The pieces were no longer linking. One piece was somewhere it was notContinue reading “Disturbia: Chapter 4(The jigsaw puzzle)”

Disturbia: Chapter 3(Why I took it!)

Mommy always loved but she was very strict. She always enforced a spirit of working hard in us and always made us responsible for our failures and successes. When she would get angry, she would be quick to discipline and quick to hug the pain away. I would always remember the lesson she taught meContinue reading “Disturbia: Chapter 3(Why I took it!)”