Crawling Moments: Chapter 16(Unforgettable change)***Final Chapter***

Our time in rehab ended and Ashlee managed to find something she liked doing and that was photography. She took pictures on her cell phone all the time and some of them were breath taking. Henry, or should I say dad, had her take some classes in photography and she passed top of the class.Continue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 16(Unforgettable change)***Final Chapter***”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 16(New family)

The weeks following my ‘liberation’, so to speak, were spent mostly with Corey learning more about God and about me. The police had called earlier saying they were still in the process of investigating the case my father was involved in but they however gave us clearance to bury him as his dead body wasContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 16(New family)”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 15(Fight of my life)

I summoned the little strength I had left in me and cried out as loud as I could. “God, I believe you. I believe you now. I am not ready to die, I don’t want to die. I believe you now, and all you have said. I believe you now Corey. I don’t want toContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 15(Fight of my life)”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 14(Stopping clocks)

Some hours later Henry showed up at Joe’s house and simply handed me the key to the apartment, and as he turned to walk away he said, “You know where I am if you need me. Be safe, I can’t force you to do anything. Oh, I told Belana where to find you but IContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 14(Stopping clocks)”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 13(Questionable vengeance )

Just like old times, Belana and I had a lot to catch up on. I told her how things had come to be this way and I hated seeing the look of pain on her face. My dad had been really fond of her, he even regarded her as another one of his daughters andContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 13(Questionable vengeance )”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 12(Illusions)

Morning afterlife seemed to be a friend for many in this side of town. I woke up on the couch; my host was gracious enough not to kick me out. I took my time to shake off the weirdness I was feeling, pro-morning sleepiness I guessed. I stood up and stretched. Jamey was in theContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 12(Illusions)”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 11(Surprise Interlace)

I guess in a sense, raw cereal wasn’t that bad! I joined Ashlee for a raw feast and it was quite filling. I had never known Ashlee, well this side of her anyway. She was in her bra and she wasn’t dressed in something that I found peculiar about her. In the few times IContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 11(Surprise Interlace)”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 10(Fatal choice)

What a certain Linkin Park song says is so true, “Fear is not afraid of you”. I didn’t know what to feel anymore! The feeling of hurt felt so minuscule as compared to the feeling of betrayal but all were not as great as my fear for what was coming. I didn’t want to spendContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 10(Fatal choice)”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 9(Defeated Trust)

Most men are so sweet, saying words so sweet to the ears with their slick tongues. Gosh, one would be a fool to think the earth is robbed of artistically creative people. Soothing masters of the ear that wants to be lied to! Everyone has a deep desire to feel wanted, needed, admired, liked andContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 9(Defeated Trust)”

Crawling Moments: Chapter 8(Infatuated choice)

I got home just in time because sooner than expected, Henry arrived. Imagine if he had found me “flirting” outside! He wasn’t his usual self, except from being tired from a daylong shift. He had something troubling his mind! It was Danny from what I could see! “Jun, I got the results from Danny’s autopsyContinue reading “Crawling Moments: Chapter 8(Infatuated choice)”