Chapter 4: Missing Person’s

Gaps of time make the progression of emotions and thoughts settle like dust after the passing of a raging sand storm. I had a full week and it had certainly felt like i would not have confrontation in any form at the end of the week. Well, at least i believed within myself that allContinue reading “Chapter 4: Missing Person’s”

Chapter 2- Last Touch

It was a plain Sunday, morning at church with the more than usual chat with Adrian after the eight o’clock service. In all remembrance what we had discussed during our lengthily chat had never seemed more real than it did just hours later. I was getting ready to go to bed, Monday morning would bringContinue reading “Chapter 2- Last Touch”

Chapter 1- Dreaming Reality (Prologue)

Most days come with an expectation, you expect a day to be boring or fun, you can expect a lot of things in a day but hurt is the last thing one would ever expect. The rising sun sending its gaze into my room assured me that I had managed to get into the dayContinue reading “Chapter 1- Dreaming Reality (Prologue)”

Finding Corey: Chapter 7(Final Words) *** Final Chapter ***

I guessed it was that time. I didn’t have anything else to turn to; my heart had been ripped out. How could she have left so fast? My heart bled a river of unsaid things, regret now looking like a common friend for life. It was pretty much like any other summer afternoon, no rainContinue reading “Finding Corey: Chapter 7(Final Words) *** Final Chapter ***”