Every night…..

In your arms i sleep,

In your arms i have found peace,

I can’t sleep if i don’t feel you next to me,

Every night, like i have dreamt in times of solitude,

I rest in the embrace of my beloved.

Every night, i hear your voice,

See your face and your smile….

hear you talking, laughing….

Every night, like a dream you make me fall in love with you more…..

You are the sun… The moon.. The stars…

Every moment, Every night, you have touched my heart…

Buried yourself deep in it, made it your home…

Every night, every moment, my heart is yours #EZ

Lost without you

Every morning is like Christmas morning,

waking up to hear your voice in distant slumber..

Anticipating a  wonderful day i look at you sleep,

smiling as you open your eyes to meet my gaze.


Every moment i miss a step my heart bleeds,

for i do not want to be far from you my queen,

I do not want to feel a cold breeze between us,

Like when you slumber i want to be that close to you always..


Close enough like when i feel you breathing as you sleep,

close enough like then i feel your warmth…

Apple of my eye, my heart belongs to you,

banished to the motion of sand in a desert without you


Love of my life, my moon in the night sky,

my morning star, my precious sun I cannot be without you,

ringing in my mind you do each time like a reminder that will never leave me,

seeing you where i look, making me think of you constantly.

Cut my heart open love, and see how much you have written yourself on its inner walls.


Every morning taking time to embrace the scent of your fingers,

a part of me i cannot be without….. Elzette I cannot be without you….

I am so lost without you i feel like my walls are falling in,

left naked to a coming blizzard,

I never want to be away from you, your warm embrace

your tender smile and your calming voice.


There is no river i cannot cross if you are with me,

You are my strength and i am lost without you,

Because you are the woman who has my heart,

no matter i how stumble and fall,

no matter how much i fail,

my heart is yours and to your arms do i run my queen

for you are “she” that i am lost without