I cant be without you

Its been crazy, two days of feeling away from you,

my heart breathed with a slow pace,

walked like i had a broken a limb,

felt distant at night as if i was warmed by a distant fire.

Missing your eyes, the glitter in them when you look at me,

the broad smile you make when you laugh at my insane jokes,

your hair as i feel its strands in-between my fingers.

Walking in a wilderness, wishing i was never without you again,

feeling lost, wishing you always stay with me.

I love you my Queen……

I miss you in each passing day if i do not hear your voice,

hearing your neediness and feeling you looking at me.

When my eyes see you, no woman can be more beautiful…

I cannot wake up without you,

or sleep without you…. My day and night will be full of cold.

You live in my heart like the very blood that sustains me,

your words follow me to every place i go.

your image in my eyes,

your scent on my clothes.

I cannot be without you Elzette Rousseau ❤