Last night….

I drifted to my distant slumber,

where no voice can wake me or no breeze can chill me…

And there you stood, your black hair flowing in the wind as it breezed past you…

Your skin, fair and soft like velvet on the skin…

Your stood, in the clouds, eyes fixed on me and i could not look away…


A sight to behold, my heart was slain by your beauty….

She is mine, she is mine…..

I held your hands in mine, your fingers in-between mine…..

felt your blood in your veins as you did mine….

She is mine… She is mine….


All in me writhed at your sight,

Your gaze bring me peace, joy….

I could not take my eyes off you.

What have you done to me…..


Last night, i woke from my slumber…

With your image in my eyes,

with your scent all over me,

with your hand in mine….


Last night i woke up…

And All in me, wanted to ask you…

Wanted to ask you for….

Wanted to ask you for your hand….

For life…

For you are my love, and there shall be no other…..


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