In jou arms (In your arms)

In your arms… i sing whilst my mind drifts in a unfolding dream,

In your arms… I go to sleep feeling your heart beating in my ear,

In your arms… I wake up to feel you breathing against my skin,

Cold winter chills, my friends for ages deserted me at your warmth,

like a child i wrap myself in you, feeling your arms around me,

your warm embrace silencing all my fears,  i raise my eyes to look into yours

and i see myself in them, as if i have known you for decades…


You smile at me and i feel a joyous pain cracking down my heart,

could it be true, that your beauty touches all of me, that you have no blemish

that you are perfect, that you are untouched….. I have seen it, it is true

My hearts desire, the tear of joy from my right eye, in your arms i have found,

the answer to my years of loneliness, the reminder that i was never forgotten,

the promise of eternity….. Like a bright light coming through the shadows,

your arms rub away all my fears, and give me the hope of time to come,

the dream of ages, the love of a diamond Queen.


In your arms i feel the comfort of a white dove,

the soft caress of velvet on my skin,

In your arms i feel the passion of my equal,

the strength of my helper….

Any man was a fool, to not see you are the diamond you are…..

for in your arms………

in your arms………

in your arms ….

My lief, my koningin, my sielsgenoot, in jou arms Ek behoort sedert die dag dat ek bestaan………………………………………..


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