She is…………………………………..

I awake from my slumber,

a tear is trickling down my cheek and my heart………

I can feel pain, joyous pain, the intensity of desire,

What is this i feel, the emotion that exists in the progression of time,

what is this i feel, that i should be so mindful of it each passing hour.


Your image comes over my eyes like a lasting vision,

you are all i see, my heart seeks you and calls out your name,

you feed me, fill me with your love, you paralyze me.

Who is this mortal who woke me from my slumber,

She is the wielder of my desire, the full portion of my future,

her touch turns my hardened heart to the hypnotic flow of velvet.


You are in my blood, filling every part of me,

pacing in my heart and opening floodgates keeping my passion at bay.

I am overwhelmed by you my bride, your name comes from my lips in my slumber,

your passion cripples me, i cannot move under your desire and pressure,

your beauty, like a green bay tree standing in a valley dancing in the wind as the sun

shines bright in the sky.


Who is this mortal who can take me prisoner…..

She is the portion of my future, the promise of of aged desire,

She is my queen, my beloved, my bride,

Her presence calls me to attention,

her touch sends me into a wild rage ,

Surely i have found favor, to be woken from my slumber,

for my bride….. She is the keeper of my heart,

and in her, have i found love that will turn my hair grey

and still be as alive as the kicking of a baby.

She is my beloved.



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