Shall you…..

Shall you go, or shall you stay….

Shall you tear my heart from me, or dwell in it…..

Shall my eyes see darkness once more, or shall they forever know your beauty…..


Touch my heart, the aura of my existence and see if I am not true,

Your heart I seek, for to bare and for me to love,

Your soul I hear, pulling more and more till we twist into the stars as one,

Your nakedness I seek, so I can shield you and pour my strength into you,

I seek, so you will never have to fear, to never again mark your cheeks with tears,

So that in all things, you know the warm embrace of love, affection and happiness.


Reach into my soul, behind the doors of my heart,

Grasp and wield my desires, weave them in your soul so you will forever know them,

Look into my eyes, the testaments of my heart, see if they are not true,

See if the fire of my essence is not in their apples.

Dwell with me; fill my world with your aura,

So that all in it has your scent, your touch, your colour.


I am all around you, rubbing you so that you feel me all around you,

Find me in the absence of sight, in the dwelling place of memory and the

River of never aging affection,

I am never far away from you, for if I cannot dwell in your heart,

Where shall I dwell….. Call for me, set forth your hand and touch my essence,

And see if I will not weave myself around you.

My hands will wipe any tears and my love will chase away all fear, I am never far

My queen for my world dwells in your heart, in the rivers of your desires,

Your desires are the doorway into my world……


Cry not, cry not anymore for the burden of your tears cuts my peace to many pieces,

Your fear cripples me and covers my eyes with helplessness, please fear not for I will bare you,

Touch my lips; let the sweet taste of your lips pressing on mine lock us in time,

Till all ages have passed, not a dream but reality is your sweet lips to me,

My lips will not rest anywhere except on yours, breath into me as I breath into you and

Let our breaths of life dwell in each other…..


Hold my hands, close your eyes, and see the picture of my life,

See the many mysteries of my mind body and soul,

So you will never doubt but know that in all things, I love you

Stay my queen, stay my love, for in your embrace, in your love, in you comfort is my existence,

If you go, I shall never know what it is to live again……..





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