How could anyone ever lay a hand on you and not see you,

The glitter of your eyes, the quiet intensity of your stare,

How could anyone not see you are more than an object,

More than a bending knee without purpose,

How could anyone fail to see,

That you are bristling with life, you are full of love, inquisition, honesty, vision,

Of course you can…..


Like a wind hovering upon a dormant plane, you’ve captured me and made me rise

From my slumber

Fearing, locked away behind many doors, afraid of warm embrace….

You can, you opened the door with light shining all around you,

You dared, you walked, you moved, you captured me and wrapped myself around you,

Captured my essence, and weaved me around you….

Now, all that my eyes see is you, the taste of your kiss has marked me,

I can walk; I can breathe, writhing with love, joy, peace and optimism,

You have done what no mortal could do; you have woken me and pulsed through my body

Until all I could see, feel, dream and think is you…..


Who are you, to walk through my mind, to wield my heart, to master my essence,

To bring the ancient in me and make it roar once more,

To fill parts of my being since covered by dust up again with blood and fire,

I feel like I am mutating, the next age of my evolution at hand, and you my sun have

Filled me with energy to see a new dawn


Named you are, you are








Soothing touch

Emotional embodiment




All I ever searched for


Named you are, you are……

I know, I know this to be true…..

You the only one with the key, the hand, the heart, the mind that can capture my essence

That can make me writhe with desire, passion and love…..

A door only you know how to open; only you will know how to walk into it. Where you run I run,

Where you cannot go I will carry you, for without you, this ancient would still be in eternal slumber…. Run with me my hearts wish and desire; and to you I will forever be called and to your voice I will forever pulse.


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