Through my eyes

A ray of light cut through a lingering darkness,

I opened my eyes to see and I felt it touching my skin,

Around my fingers it wrapped itself as I tried to hold it,

I removed the rocks of my prison so I could see it,

where it came from and feel it all over my body.
Through the hole I crawled into a shining light,

long had I waited for this day,

My heart felt a pain, a joy that it never knew,

A hand had reached into my darkness and pulled me into the light,

A peace was all around me, losing my focus to a unfolding beauty around me,

a garden of splendorous green and vibrant life,

A prisoner I was no more, I could feel a quiet intensity in the air was breathing,

filling me and consuming me from the inside out.

The light shone in front me, embracing me in all places,

filling me through the air I breathed.


I felt the road rage of my blood as it raced to my skin to feel the light,

I reached into the light, stepping onto air and fell into its embrace.

I caught its gaze, and felt its hands around me;

its hair brushed my face and its eyes sending me into a

whirlpool of emotion as they looked into mine.

My heart wanted to leap out of my chest into the light,

but how was I to breath without it, I could feel it pacing and raging

for more, my pulse writhing with hypnotic rhythm.


Its eyes told a story, the story of purpose, love, peace and affection,

I touched its face and felt the progression of vision, I could not believe my eyes;

Could it be!!! I felt it embracing me all around me, coming in and out with my every breath,

no man could tell me that beauty does not exist!

I felt it in my prison, I saw it in the light, soft like velvet to the skin,

I touched its face and felt its hands, I felt it in my breath and I felt it in my blood.

Lost in that moment I am, not wanting to know anything more,

for the light cut through my shell, the light opened doors long closed,

cast its gaze into the dark places and said “let there be light”,

no one can tell me such beauty does not exist.

My heart calls to it in my sleep, sings to it in my distant slumber,

my mind thinks of it in each passing moment,

my blood races after the light, my eyes look into the future and it is all I see,

the light cutting through me and leaving me paralyzed, on my knees embracing it in each passing day.

Lest I grow old and breath escapes the light shall always be mine,

When I wake it will all I see, when I sleep it shall be all I dream,

for I touched my essence and marked me for life, I know its beauty,

it grows in each coming day and remains in each passing day.

No man can tell me such beauty does not exist, for I have see it,

I have felt it, I have heard its voice coming through my ears and into my heart,

I have felt its skin and see its purpose, its compassion, I have felt its love,

should I be a slave, then let me be for in it I know I am whole!

Through my eyes I saw the light, I saw beauty and through my eyes I shall never see again,

for it is all I see, and all I ever want to see.

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