Darkness, it once surrounded me,
Unable to see my left hand from my right hand,
Afraid to trust in what I could not see, afraid to accept the freedom I once knew.
I am no coward, but even strong men have fears.
What could I do when I could not see? I ran, I hid, and I bled!
Like a wounded savage beast I bit and scared allies away.
My wounds, they healed over time but the scar remained,
The memory, the feeling remained. My courage had turned to whimpering,
My boldness to shame!

So tombs, I built and walls I made so I could keep the touch of strangers out.
I locked the tombs and chained myself behind the walls. I had failed to protect my smile,
What good was I? All I had were memories, the pictures of times past, and yet the emotional flood of
the rising tide overwhelmed me.

What could I do except hide, not accept what I was, try to become something else.
But I could not understand anything else except what I was … Doors over time got covered by webs,
Got covered by rust and the torment of decay that I no longer knew what was behind them.
How would I open them now?

In days like this a ray of light cut through the darkness, cutting through my chains and giving me peace I
had since forgotten. My voice returned; I could hear it echoing off the walls that had kept me away for so long.
I felt afraid, very afraid but I could not run. I remembered, I remembered what it was like to breath, to
be alive. I could see the gold glare in my eyes in the light, I could feel my bones and being writhing but I could not
accept what it asked.But I knew that the time had arrived, for the light had not arrived by luck, the stubbornness would fade
because peace would not allow me to continue in blindness.

The light kept getting brighter and brighter, I felt love and peace and I could not deny it anymore. I had
to take the keys and open the tombs. It was time to embrace what I once knew, grip uncertainty and hope the light would shine through
moments to which I found my strength again for in it I find the picture, I saw myself gleaming again, my
strength is all that is left now. Thank you for what you pulled out of me yesterday. Thank you for the promise.

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