Everything is beautiful

My dear, everything is beautiful when I think of you,

Your smile brings tenderness to my soul and brittleness to my bones,

For my soul knows not what to say at the softness of your tone,

My mouth runs dry and my heart stammers when you set your gaze ensnares me,

Look away from me my dear for you make me weak in my joints.

Your hair flows silently, streaming to its summit like a gentle river to a lake,

Your face looks like the valley of peace to which when I set my gaze I forget not to dream,

Your eyes cut my heart to pieces and leave me in a world of loveable misery,

For everything is beautiful when I think of you,

You carry yourself with the grace of a black stallion,

Mighty and majestic yet gentle and meek,

The gentleness of your heart leaves me bleeding from a gashing wound,

For even the most beautiful of women cannot cripple me with a look such as yours,

Crippler of my soul to which no lady can testify of such a feet,

Your thought torments my heart in every passing day for looking at you alone leaves me speechless,

A day without a word from you makes my day harder to go through,

I rejoice in waking to ask for good tidings for you in every passing day,

I rejoice in the thought f you for you have ravished my heart.

My gosh fair lady your thought torments me and leaves my bones aching,

Your persona is a feat of a lass worthy of the kings courts,

For you carry not yourself in pride and rush not yourself in words but you speak in silence,

You worry not yourself with many a thing and seek not the approval of man,

May time help me be a man worthy of such a lady,

May time help me be a man trusted to be the keeper of such beauty,

To guard and protect it, to cherish and gaze at it for as long as breath endures in me,

Everything is beautiful with you and if I were to perish with my eyes looking at you,

I would not regret any day that I lived in the knowledge of you

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