You seek to know….. You seek to see…….

You seek to know, you seek to see my heart. My heart longs, it writhes with desire, pulsing through my veins, burning in me like a furious blaze.

I am alive with desire and I dare to dream; day and night I have dreamt and even so I dream, for I know in the lingering longing, the long progression of time in which my heart tosses from side to side, my heart has found its eyes.

In the time its eyes open, no force will stop it embracing its long awaited desire, it will breath, it will pulse, it will roar!

You seek to know, you seek to see if I have stood the test of time, the hurt of existence, the burden of disappointment, the crush of rejection, you seek to see if I have stood or I have fallen away.

Look into my eyes, see the tale of generations to come, I carry wars on my shoulders, those after my name and those after names of others, I wield determination like a double edge for I do not fade; I stand, I push, I strike back, I thrust, I roar, for in infirmity I have found strength, I have the resolve, I have the measure, to bear myself, to bear another, I have it and I do not fade away.

You seek to know, you seek to see if I am bound…….. Bound by what that has the courage or tenacity to tame the roar of a beast? My veins pulse, I am alive, bouncing to the enchanting drum of the wondering wild! Who can tame my roar, crush my step or suck the fire blood that burns in me?

I am alive; I stand left foot in truth and right foot in expression. Dare to cloud my vision and I will strike where your doubt inspires, where your comfort thrives and need of acceptance spawns. My eyes see and cannot be covered! For I see past the veil, past the common lie of familiarity, I live in the truth past the veil.

Even when both knees crash into the mud I see past the veil, my heart bleeds but does not die for where I drown I will rise again, stronger, I cannot perish!

I was made not to perish and even when the flood crushes me, my eyes can see past the veil and I will rise again! What I touch cannot perish for my essence lives in it as its essence lives in me, it will rise when it falls, and it will live and roar past the crushing tide.

You seek to know, you seek to see if I can stand in the crush of a pulverizing hand, many have crushed me under mountains; many have scarred my back with cracking whips of lightning.

But do I not speak to you today? Have I not lifted mountains that have been thrust on me and cast them into the sea? Have I not absorbed the fire of lashing whips, have I not grabbed and bound the hands that sought to suffocate my heart? Have I not stood in lakes of fire wading off towers of fire marching to consume me? I am alive and I am I true, for where I stand I cannot be moved, what I touch will not be touched, no fire will burn, no chain will bind, no mountain will crush for where I stand I roar.

I am alive, I breathe, I roar.

In me is a giant, a Titan; in me is the fire blood, the Lord of all Hosts, the one to whom eternity knows no end! The beginning and the end, yes the majestic ancient of all time pulses in me. Under the crushing mountain, the lashing of whips and the towers of fire I am never alone, in the flood of enemies I am not crushed.

No hand crushes that which has the fire blood. I pulse, I breathe, I am alive, I roar and I am true.

My heart desires, it opens its eyes, what shall it see!


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