Quote of the day 31-10-2012

Laziness only seems normal to someone raised not knowing that in life you always work towards achieving something, it is the restraint upon a poor misinformed life that will utterly ruin any prospect of working towards happiness in anything.

Hi Friends

Its been a while, i ran away from blogging and i am sorry. I was in a stage of my life where i didn’t want to talk much, lots of confusion and mixed emotions but thankfully God made provision for that 2000 years ago. I want to break into my stride again and the thought that rang in my head as i walked into the office


“If we all held the right to judge each other, would the earth be a Just place?”
Brings me to greater understanding of the statement “Let he who is without sin be the first to cast the stone!”


I missed you guys and yes i know some of you want to eat me for breakfast, i am not edible tho 🙂