Rest in Peace my brother

My brother, Shungu arrived from New Zealand on Friday Last week. He spent the night at my residence and we buried him today. It hurts to see him go into the grave and the sand fill it over but i can feel strength inside me, i shall remember him in all i do and my heart will be strong.

Shungu Zhakata
My brother and hero

I am told we look alike, i don’t see it 😦 lol. I do know our ears look the same. Sigh! As i said in my eulogy: Celebrate each other while you still live for after the grave there is no testimony for the living #Russell Mazonde. I love you and you know i celebrated you everyday, i have no regret over the time we had together, for you were a good brother to me and for that i owe you a lot. Till we meet again ❤


6 thoughts on “Rest in Peace my brother

  1. Your hairlines are also very simlilar! But, I’m glad you did celebrate him. The weight of regret is hard to bear, more so when you’re alone. Stand strong Russell for you are not alone. We got your back. GOD bless.

  2. This is such a difficult time for you Russell, my thoughts and prayers stay with you. It’s a beautiful tribute for your brother, what you wrote about him and I pray the wonderful memories can help you through this time of grieving. Hugs, Gabby

  3. Sorry for your lost. Prayers to you and your family during this time. May God give you all the strength to press on and never let the memory of your brother die.

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