Objective decision making

I remember sharing a moment with my lady today where we spoke about decision making. It takes a lot of time for some people to make a decision and it takes some people a very short space of time to make that same decision. Of course one could argue that fast decision making is tantamount to spontaneous behavior which i cannot dispute but at times in the rarest of cases you may meet people who can make decisions objectively.

What am i talking about? I have discovered through my few years on this planet that objective decision making has been based on these principles for me:

  1. What are the known end results that could possibly come out of this decision?
  2. What are the known unknowns that could possibly be a result as well?
  3. For the people involved in the decision and result, what do they gain or lose from it?
  4. For me what do i gain or lose from the decision?
  5. What is its impact on my lifestyle, beliefs and dispositions in life?

I have found most importantly that for me to sleep better the people involved have to gain more than i do because the one thing i require more than anything in life is more emotional and mental than it is physical and materialistic. My friends would probably tell you that they have gained more financially, emotionally, mentally, spiritually or otherwise than i ever asked of them. The one thing i do not compromise on is my belief and disposition because it is what keeps me sane and within bounds of my character. All reasons may be good but if it takes away from my character a belief that is dear to me you may find a straight no coming without hesitation.

Objective decision making is not about ignoring emotions, but embracing them, acknowledging they are there and looking at them objectively on what they bring and what they take. If you cannot look at all factors that contribute to a decision process objectively in their entirety, without bias, you can’t make an objective decision. Slow decision making could possibly make you lose things that cannot wait for the progression of time and though certain decisions require some time when suited, one must always be able to make a decision and stick to it.

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