while i was away

I know you probably think i don’t blog anymore, i don’t blame you! But i was away focusing on a part of my life that requires a lot more effort from me than anything else in my life.

I have seen in my life that i am very intelligent, smart but the human aspect bewilders me a bit. I was focusing on getting something right. Sorry i have been so quiet. But now that you should know i have been investing time in a lady, there was so much to learn, discuss, go through and there still is 🙂 I can’t mention her name or put her picture because she has not given me permission to do so, sorry Shirley!

I was always almost certain that i would never find a lady who can understand me without me writing a book about myself first. It had always been a problem for me, I met a lot of ladies who had no absolute clue how to relate to me and they threw me off when they did awkward things out of lack of knowledge. But she quite unexpectedly managed to get me point blank. She seems to understand all the patterns in my life from the root they come from to the tip and she relates with the good and bad parts of me without bumping her head on her rock.

She respects my boundaries and difficulties in how i interact with her, quite amazed there! we are all insomniacs though i think she is worse than me at times. Has the most perfect eyes! She reminds me of Christmas morning every time i see her. What I like about her is that there is nothing to hide, she is as open as they come. Her problems, fears and doubts she clearly plots them out and her underline sincerity means that both me and her have no reason to hide anything from each other! I have told her some of my darkest secrets, those not even known by my mother and i am very close to her. What we share in common is almost scary as we have almost identical childhood experiences and disturbances! Ever experienced that feeling when you talk to someone and they can take the words out of your mouth because they know them all to well or have experienced what you experienced. ❤

Its been a journey and i am very happy to say i met her because my life is changing and she is becoming more and more defined in her role in both our lives. I have not forgotten you guys, lets just say i am in a new world with someone special

You may but i won’t!

This year has been so interesting in that i am meeting a lot of people and situations that would rather conform to their problems and learn to live with them than to actually refuse and go for a solution. Sigh! yes it seems so stupid, of course conformity to the ways of folly is no different to embracing death!

I remember what a good associate of mine once said, “I will not let my level of existence stoop down to the shallowness of your mind” # Temba Simba.

I like what PJ wrote on this issue as well because until we learn to defy odds, we will always be puppets to a fate that is not of our own choosing.