Confidence in all things

Be confident in all things, but not in your self confidence for how can you be confident in your failing human nature? But have confidence in the Lord our God for he above all things orders your steps and knows your every thought and every word before it proceeds from your mouth.


Thank you Lord for your word today and thank you for the peace you give me, in my friends, in my family, in my job and in all things that i endeavor to be for in you i find all peace and comfort as you are the peak of my confidence. Continuously teach me to trust you in all things Lord no so that i may boast but so that my being may always find refuge in your shelter. #Russell


Lord I thank you for all my friends who will get time to read this and those that will not get time to read this. I pray that you may bless them in this day and give them wealth in mind and in soul so that all may be well with them and they may find great satisfaction in the truth of your ways. Let all anxiety not get near them and let peace which surpasses all things comfort them in this day. Give them good health Lord as we are all healed by your stripes. Let all pain and all discomfort depart from their bodies as you wash them clean with the blood of the lamb that washes whiter than snow. Fill their thoughts with words of wisdom and knowledge so that your word and ways may not be far away from all they do. Let your love be with them today so that they may love their brothers as you love them. Thank you for hearing me in this day as i know i never speak blankly when i come before the throne of grace. #Russell


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