Disease called Competition

I was just having a conversation with my mom today. Just reflecting on this thing that is common in a lot of our relatives. There seems to be an intense need to compete about everything. Many a situation i have had relatives visit me at the office or at home and they seem to know a lot about my life than i actually ever do tell anyone. Of course i do portray the “i am a clueless idiot” face quite well to most of my relatives to hide how much i do read into their actions.

It is always apparent that there is always someone related to me by blood jabbering something about me. I always wonder why don’t you sit me down and ask me? It is child-play for me to read into your tone and facial expression and discover you talk about my life a lot yet you do not have the gusts to be involved or to ask me yourself. A lot of my relatives like competing about everything including going toilet. Like horses on a derby we are lined up in age groups to see who performs best in each age group. I am no horse and its this recurring behavior which has forced my family to go into seclusion more and more. My friends think i am crazy when i tell them that to visit any house where me, my parents or siblings stay toy have to call 3 days in advance and answer 3 simple questions:

  1. How long do you intend to visit? It cannot be longer than 3 days.
  2. Are you bringing your own food?
  3. How many people are accompanying you? They cannot be more than 3 if you stay more than a afternoon.

Sounds ridiculous, it is meant to be that way. My friends thought i was not hospitable until i reminded them that when they visit when they please and that i never put any restriction like i do on relatives. One thing i have seen about friends is that if you find the right ones they go more than a relative would ever. They would never judge or compete with you but run along side you to get to a place. I have found a few of those in my life and i am glad to say that relatives cannot compare to them. what drags us down in life is not inability but the need to be better than other people instead of working with them.

I have concluded that i will never be better than most people i meet in my life. Sherline has a better looking blog than mine, Autumn and Gabby always have more fun than i do, PJ is more consistent than i am, Terra know a bit more than i do on health stuff, the list can go on but i embrace that these people and more out there mean something to me and instead of trying to outclass them, why not follow them and learn from them so that maybe one day i could also do what they do and be a better person. Friends don’t burn bridges


10 thoughts on “Disease called Competition

  1. I was talking about this very thing today with a friend. It’s unfortunate that it happens. What a waste of time it is that people act this way. I was sharing with a friend that I have a friend who does this competition thing with me. I’m trying not to let the bridge burn but I rather keep my distance to a degree in words. Sometimes playing the idiot is better because they are the cluless ones. Something must be in the air today! Lol

    Thank you for sharing this and mentioning me. I believe we all have something to learn from one another so there’s no need to compete. You put this quite nicely Russell.

  2. Very good post Russell, we sure don’t need to compete because we are friends after all! πŸ™‚ I had to smile at how you said Autumn and I always seem to have more fun. Oh Russell, we are just silly twins and do find something to laugh about. I think it helps to keep us sane, because what a place this world can be sometimes! Just remember we love you and you are just wonderful, a great friend to us! πŸ™‚

      1. I’ve been really extremely busy with so much going on right now and dealing with some personal issues. Trying to catch up on all the reading. I apologize for the long silence.

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