He turned 21!

So this week one of my closest friends turned 21. Herbert as he is called or attonbitus here on the wordpress. If i didn’t spell your blog name correctly get over it :). 21 is a mammoth year really. It was the year my mother got me a present to celebrate 21 years of living. She got me a key that had the number 21 as part of they key (end part, front of key thing–> you know what i mean?). I reallBisk_Ity thought of what to get him for his birthday, a new haircut, new eyes!

Of course i am joking, there was one thing i could give him that meant the world to me. That was the key i got when i turned 21. I always tend to give gifts with a greater emotional impression. That key was the first symbolical gift i ever received and i thought it might mean something to him as it did me. Plus we got a picture taken together, of course i am incapable of smiling and he had this huge grin! Ridiculous really but i am glad he is part of my life. I do not think life would be bearable without him.

Happy birthday Hebert Bisk_It! –> Bisk_It is his nick name ya’ll not his surname lol and he is the guy in the blue shirt


One thought on “He turned 21!

  1. thanks a lot bro. the impact you have had on my life and the lives of countless others out there is simply amazing, and I know you know that:) keep the GOD in you Strong and Mighty and Shining, for no event comes about of its own accord, no friendship is established without a purpose and if we ever stop being who we are so many will miss out on the True Nature and Identity of the GOD of Love Who lives in each of us. GOD bless you my brother
    Oh, and yeah, you did get the blog name correct…jus left out the 468, but hey, you were on the right track…and its spelt biSk_iT!! 😀

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