Saying good-bye!

No man is a master of his emotions, well maybe i cannot speak for anyone but i am no master of mine. The latter addition to my life, emotions are quite the journey and they prove to be both illusive and rewarding. I am no stranger to losing people, story of my life really! The most important people are always the first ones to leave and it is not a matter of choice but being prisoners of circumstance there can be no different option. I hate going to the airport now, I have had the dubious honor of saying good-bye to everyone who has ever mattered to me at that place. I walk them in to the check-in point, i give them a hug, i see the plane take away and its years before i see their face again if ever i see it again.

Today is such a day, I remember the first day i met him and his family. We were playing video games at his house and i started coming there often and soon enough we were like family. Doing things together, spending weekends together, doing everything together. If you know me you know i struggle with relating to people as i am probably difficult to understand. But here i felt at home and i had found friends i could call a second home. yet today at i have to shake his hand and say good bye and watch the plane take off. 1920hrs, i can see you now, and again there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change the situation because it is as it should be. The first lesson about emotions is that it is hard to say good-bye!


4 thoughts on “Saying good-bye!

  1. I think this is one of the most difficult things, saying goodbye. Not sure we ever learn how to deal with this one, I am sorry you are going through this Russell.

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