Defining Second

I have always said that Hell Lies intrinsic in the gifts of Eden. In the passing of each second we master a part of it, to freeze time so that we can make a decisions. Though each second looks unimportant, in context to the greater picture it is a building block to which the entire foundation of a block can crumble.

Perhaps we do not emphasize enough the importance of each decision step, we do not look at the bigger picture as we should. Human nature usually requires us to live in the moment, to be free of burdensome thought and any level of structured thought. But if only folly was not a toxic cup of tea we would all drink of it #Russell Mazonde. I do not always say this but every second counts in the makings of a perfect man. Through the path of perfection is far from us, the defining steps of a perfect man should always exist in making sound decisions and learning from them if they do not work. The mandate is not to get every decision correct, but it is to make right decisions that lead you down the path you are to go. I am not perfect decision maker, but one thing i have learn to do is to plot a course mapped by a decision. If i can have an idea of what would become of me through a decision, i can perhaps make a better one. This does require you to be able to see behind the veil of most things because insight is key!

Each second is a defining stage of your life, it is however a question if you choose to be a definer or not!


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