Memories last for ever, not a season

I hope you haven’t missed me too much! Forgive me for the prolonged silence, it is much a bitter curse to me as it is to people who matter to me. However you might be pleased to find out that after 4 years of no communication with my brother, we spoke on Skype yesterday. Of course it was a general courtesy call but i had almost forgotten what he looked like or what his voice sounded like. Its funny what life makes us take for granted at times. Then i spoke to a good friend of mine i had last seen 6 years ago, the joys of Skype.


You will never realize someones importance until you need them and you cant find them. I am glad this weekend went this way, though i am far off from fixing certain bridges so that heavy things can pass through once more, at least a footbridge is now there for the lightness of feet to find ease of way. God is great!


Love you guys!

He turned 21!

So this week one of my closest friends turned 21. Herbert as he is called or attonbitus here on the wordpress. If i didn’t spell your blog name correctly get over it :). 21 is a mammoth year really. It was the year my mother got me a present to celebrate 21 years of living. She got me a key that had the number 21 as part of they key (end part, front of key thing–> you know what i mean?). I reallBisk_Ity thought of what to get him for his birthday, a new haircut, new eyes!

Of course i am joking, there was one thing i could give him that meant the world to me. That was the key i got when i turned 21. I always tend to give gifts with a greater emotional impression. That key was the first symbolical gift i ever received and i thought it might mean something to him as it did me. Plus we got a picture taken together, of course i am incapable of smiling and he had this huge grin! Ridiculous really but i am glad he is part of my life. I do not think life would be bearable without him.

Happy birthday Hebert Bisk_It! –> Bisk_It is his nick name ya’ll not his surname lol and he is the guy in the blue shirt

Saying good-bye!

No man is a master of his emotions, well maybe i cannot speak for anyone but i am no master of mine. The latter addition to my life, emotions are quite the journey and they prove to be both illusive and rewarding. I am no stranger to losing people, story of my life really! The most important people are always the first ones to leave and it is not a matter of choice but being prisoners of circumstance there can be no different option. I hate going to the airport now, I have had the dubious honor of saying good-bye to everyone who has ever mattered to me at that place. I walk them in to the check-in point, i give them a hug, i see the plane take away and its years before i see their face again if ever i see it again.

Today is such a day, I remember the first day i met him and his family. We were playing video games at his house and i started coming there often and soon enough we were like family. Doing things together, spending weekends together, doing everything together. If you know me you know i struggle with relating to people as i am probably difficult to understand. But here i felt at home and i had found friends i could call a second home. yet today at i have to shake his hand and say good bye and watch the plane take off. 1920hrs, i can see you now, and again there is absolutely nothing that can be done to change the situation because it is as it should be. The first lesson about emotions is that it is hard to say good-bye!

Defining Second

I have always said that Hell Lies intrinsic in the gifts of Eden. In the passing of each second we master a part of it, to freeze time so that we can make a decisions. Though each second looks unimportant, in context to the greater picture it is a building block to which the entire foundation of a block can crumble.

Perhaps we do not emphasize enough the importance of each decision step, we do not look at the bigger picture as we should. Human nature usually requires us to live in the moment, to be free of burdensome thought and any level of structured thought. But if only folly was not a toxic cup of tea we would all drink of it #Russell Mazonde. I do not always say this but every second counts in the makings of a perfect man. Through the path of perfection is far from us, the defining steps of a perfect man should always exist in making sound decisions and learning from them if they do not work. The mandate is not to get every decision correct, but it is to make right decisions that lead you down the path you are to go. I am not perfect decision maker, but one thing i have learn to do is to plot a course mapped by a decision. If i can have an idea of what would become of me through a decision, i can perhaps make a better one. This does require you to be able to see behind the veil of most things because insight is key!

Each second is a defining stage of your life, it is however a question if you choose to be a definer or not!