We are who we choose to be

I had a young man visit me at the office yesterday. My Director had recommended that the guy come and meet me as he wants to do whats in my field, i.e. software engineering. So we sat down and started talking and i discovered he is studying psychology. I was curious why! Turned out it was mom and dad who said so and he was a prisoner of circumstance. Oh well i know that all too well, i had the option “Study law or i wont put you through college” from my father. What did i do, i refused to study law and chose to do what i wanted to do, i would be happier even though i probably would never get a shot at college. Still i was happier and i still am, having convinced everyone that i shall not perish because of the sins of my fathers πŸ™‚

I found it amazing how in a sense we allow people to have direct influence over who we are in life even though it goes against what we are trying to achieve as individuals or what we know we should be.
Vision for you life The world as we see it is a matter of perception and how you perceive it very much determines how you are going to relate to it and thus thrive or sink in it. In the end when all is said and done you are left by yourself having become what you chose to be or what you allowed people to choose for you but ultimately you would have become what you chose to be.

We had this discussion in the office earlier on where people where wondering why i hadn’t chosen law if it meant i go to college. I told them that computers are the only thing i have a passion for and the only thing i understand because as i see things through my eyes, i cannot waste time looking at something i would feel the drive to wake up for everyday, I would rather be dead than waste my time with something i am not passionate about.The world through your eyes
I asked him as we spoke, “What are you going to do with the psychology degree?” His response did not amaze me, i knew it would be the case. He was just going to hang it on the wall for decoration. Yeah could work hey but it would come across as you having wasted some years in your life doing something you wont have a use for. Time is a constant we can never change and a constant that we can never reverse once it has passed. The days of our lives demand we try to the best of our ability to make each day count so that in the end we will not live in regret.

But i guess it is better to live with guilt than to believe in achieving your dream and aspirations. This all roots from the human characteristic of being afraid to venture into the unknown, to jump off the edge with no idea where you will land when the time comes. Visionaries were never known for being afraid to achieve something, they were known for taking a leap where most people had doubted and walked away. This world will not make a way for you unless you take it upon yourself to make a way. Every second counts!Believe I am no stranger to what i am saying because i got to a place i never imagined i would be through a sequence of events i had never seen but because i chose to jump off the edge and not do what people think will prosper in life. I love my father, dearly but he does not know where my passions lie and by no chance would i ever take his considerations of being a lawyer because i will be plain miserable. I do not want to go to my child’s school on bring your parent to school day and then have to talk about something i have no interest in. I want to be passionate, to be unstoppable in what i like doing so that when i start talking about it all can see that indeed i am in my den.Life is too short for detours, we are who we choose to be in the end!


7 thoughts on “We are who we choose to be

  1. I see you’ve got the pictures under control Russell. πŸ˜€ It is true. Sometimes when people don’t share the same vision that you see, it is easy to stand in the critics seat if they haven’t put their goggles on. Pursue what is right for you and go for it. You look (see the vision) before you leap, and when you leap you leap in faith to step into the vision the God has set before you. God Gives us visions to walk into them not to just sit and stare at them I say. πŸ˜€

    1. i know html and CSS but i just know it as a programmer and not as a designer. sure i can put things on the screen but i have no sense of how to make things beautiful. i am busy admiring your blogs. perhaps i need to hire you to upgrade my blog πŸ™‚ Vision is not for the short sited for their sight never sees past their nose which always seeks that which it knows is always certain, Air!! #Russell Mazonde

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