Water Baptism

It had been a long time since that day. Tuesday afternoon, grey clouds hanged lazily in the sky and it was swimming day. I rushed out with my usual charisma as the class dashed for swimming in the school pool.

Got there and the pool was full to the brim. We lined up, girls on one line and boys in another. I was third in line and i entered the water and started floating on top. Loved doing that! While floating another boy came in the water jumping and in the process managed to crush me into the water. I wasn’t big at that time, certainly not as tall as i am now! I tried to pull up but i became so disoriented, i could not figure out which which side was up. I could only see green now and i was now taking in a lot of water. I had reached the end of my oxygen and i closed my eyes as i now settled at the bottom of the pool. I remember a hand coming through the water and grabbing my hand, it pulled me towards the steps and soon enough i was out. I gasped for air, and opened my eyes to see i was outside. Everyone was outside staring and i sat down gasping for air. Moments passed and i could not face down, i could still see the green i saw down there.

The person who saved me was my teacher, Mrs Chitanda. Thank God for her. She asked if i wanted to get back into the water and i said no. That day changed me terribly. I get panic attacks in huge bodies of water, if the shower is showering too much water my heart races at a scary rate and i think of the time again.

I had lived quite well never entering pools frequently, or taking light showers, not getting onto boats but i had never been water baptized. That was too much a thought to bear. To go under water again, sorry no! But i wrote it as something i had to do this year. Opportunity came and today was the day. I got into the pool towards the guy who was going to baptize me. I remember having to put my hand on my nose and then go under. My heart was racing furiously and part of me wanted to say no, but i managed to live through the craziness left on that day and get baptized. I know i am far from mastering my fear but i managed to overcome the first step today and also achieve something of great importance i had put aside because of my fear.

I wrote an email to the son of the woman who rescued me, asking him to forward it to his mother because in each step i take in conquering my fear, i am going to pray, thanking God for what she did for me.


12 thoughts on “Water Baptism

  1. I am with PJ, I am glad you got baptized, too. What a terrible fear and what a difficult thing to overcome, I applaud you for being so brave Russell. Thank God for Mrs. Chitanda who saved you and what a wonderful gesture writing to thank her! 🙂

  2. God bless you Russell. Now that you are baptized with Water you are going to be baptized by Holy Ghost Fire. Your journey is going to be interesting from here on out friend. Angels sang as you were getting baptized. Stay on the path and God will take you to amazing places that you have never seen before.

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