whats up!!

Sorry i have been quiet. A bit too quiet. I have been faced with situations that require me to make decisions that can alter aspects about my life, e.g my geographical location, the direction i am heading in life, the society i am exposed to, exposure to what i like doing professionally, dreams and aspirations (though these decisions are suppose to aid in this).

A lot of people view me as a person who can make right decisions and someone who picks off the best strategy in terms of roads i take and things i do. If it were all true then i would not need Gods guidance in all i do :)!

I had gotten awfully depressed over this because the decisions all have serious implications and i try to think one through and already it sets a cloud of depression over me. Over and over and over and the people who know me the most i am depressed when i am confused! Rarely confused but when i do get confused i get really depressed because i am a person who doesn’t like being blind sighted, i take a lot of precaution before i make moves so that the occurrence of surprises is at a minimum.

I then remembered an experience that happened to me last year! As i was walking out of church a lady pushed through the crowd and grabbed my arm. She pulled me to the side and started saying things about my life in detail, the friends i have, what i do, what i am facing in life and some of the things i was going to face this year. She said that “Next year (meaning 2012), you are going to face a situation where by opportunity to travel will come before you, career options will come before you, business options are going to come up and educational opportunities are going to come up and you will be in a situation where you have to make a decision on what to go with”. I had totally forgotten this until it was brought to remembrance just a few days and though to most it would not seem obvious i was reminded of what i am suppose to do in this lifetime. After all the mandate to live this life is not my own. Decision, of course i will make it and i know i will make the right one. Time to gloat is past because i have a reassurance that in the end there will be peace.


4 thoughts on “whats up!!

  1. That sure does explain your quietness and also depression. I know good things are in store for you Russell, just keep trusting and believe! God will steer you in the right direction, I will be keeping you in my prayers! 🙂

  2. Sometimes faith requires you to take that step and it will feel like you’re going in blindly but then…you won’t know what other doors will open when you leap in. Do not be afraid and just go. The fear you have is comfort zone related. Faith requires you to step out. Be bold and courageous and pursue the best that is out there waiting for you to take a hold of it. God is in control at all times. If you want clarity over the situation. commit to a 1 week dry fast and anoint your head with oil. Read your bible regarding wisdom in the book of proverbs. particularly Proverbs 3, 4, 5, 6. See how that goes and give it a shot…also do not tell anyone that you are doing this fast. You need God’s opinion and not mans to confuse you when you are seeking an answer. Pray and fast for clarity. 😀

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