You are going!

Its that time again isn’t it
the time where you get on the train into the sinking sun
leaving me waving as i think if i will see you again
Its that time again, where a world will take you,
and you will be so far away from me

Its that time again, where little messages and smoke signals
remind me that you are still out there and that hope is
all i have,
Its that time again, where you have to go and there is nothing
i can do to stop it
My world becomes a silent stranger while you are a way,
because when you are here your sweet innocence reminds me
that indeed there are people worth a lot more from me,
that i should continue to be a better person because
no one deserves the person i could be.

Its only for months, but it seems for years,
not being able to see your bright cheeks shining with
you smile,
its only a few hundred days and i would be able to see you again
but even so, if it wasn’t hard, i would not be writing this.


6 thoughts on “You are going!

  1. Love seems painful when it’s not within reach, but you know, that’s what makes the journey interesting. Take heart my friend and consider that It is but a temporary separation that will ignite the fire of passion in you by the time of your reunion πŸ˜‰

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