You and the nations

Of course nations are the conceived concept that political boundaries determine the land of birthright for a people, the culture and origin of a people. Or really? A nation exists not in the boundaries defined through the words of man! A nation is no boundary, is no existence placed in the wisdom of man but it is the seed of man! For every man and woman is a nation, a generation, a clan, a people!

Ask and i will give the nations to you! For real, you are your brothers keeper. Perceive this and you will adjust your mind to see people differently.



Sunshine Award :)

All thanks to NightShade of course. Friends exist in the boundaries of strangers for it is in the building of memories that we see that we need each others hands to lay foundations so that ones feett can step forward in the progression called life # Russell Mazonde

Ahm yah i do that a lot, thinking of random statements.

sunshine award

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  1. Favorite color: Black
  2. Favorite animal: Cheetah
  3. Favorite number: 6
  4. Favorite non-alcoholic drink: coffee
  5. Prefer Facebook or Twitter? Facebook.
  6. My passion: Writing, helping nations!
  7. Prefer getting or giving presents:ย  Giving, hate asking or being given. Feel like i am being a burden
  8. Favorite pattern: None, dark and shady!
  9. Favorite day of the week: Saturday
  10. Favorite flower: Orchids

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Thank you so much guys!

We are who we choose to be

I had a young man visit me at the office yesterday. My Director had recommended that the guy come and meet me as he wants to do whats in my field, i.e. software engineering. So we sat down and started talking and i discovered he is studying psychology. I was curious why! Turned out it was mom and dad who said so and he was a prisoner of circumstance. Oh well i know that all too well, i had the option “Study law or i wont put you through college” from my father. What did i do, i refused to study law and chose to do what i wanted to do, i would be happier even though i probably would never get a shot at college. Still i was happier and i still am, having convinced everyone that i shall not perish because of the sins of my fathers ๐Ÿ™‚

I found it amazing how in a sense we allow people to have direct influence over who we are in life even though it goes against what we are trying to achieve as individuals or what we know we should be.
Vision for you life The world as we see it is a matter of perception and how you perceive it very much determines how you are going to relate to it and thus thrive or sink in it. In the end when all is said and done you are left by yourself having become what you chose to be or what you allowed people to choose for you but ultimately you would have become what you chose to be.

We had this discussion in the office earlier on where people where wondering why i hadn’t chosen law if it meant i go to college. I told them that computers are the only thing i have a passion for and the only thing i understand because as i see things through my eyes, i cannot waste time looking at something i would feel the drive to wake up for everyday, I would rather be dead than waste my time with something i am not passionate about.The world through your eyes
I asked him as we spoke, “What are you going to do with the psychology degree?” His response did not amaze me, i knew it would be the case. He was just going to hang it on the wall for decoration. Yeah could work hey but it would come across as you having wasted some years in your life doing something you wont have a use for. Time is a constant we can never change and a constant that we can never reverse once it has passed. The days of our lives demand we try to the best of our ability to make each day count so that in the end we will not live in regret.

But i guess it is better to live with guilt than to believe in achieving your dream and aspirations. This all roots from the human characteristic of being afraid to venture into the unknown, to jump off the edge with no idea where you will land when the time comes. Visionaries were never known for being afraid to achieve something, they were known for taking a leap where most people had doubted and walked away. This world will not make a way for you unless you take it upon yourself to make a way. Every second counts!Believe I am no stranger to what i am saying because i got to a place i never imagined i would be through a sequence of events i had never seen but because i chose to jump off the edge and not do what people think will prosper in life. I love my father, dearly but he does not know where my passions lie and by no chance would i ever take his considerations of being a lawyer because i will be plain miserable. I do not want to go to my child’s school on bring your parent to school day and then have to talk about something i have no interest in. I want to be passionate, to be unstoppable in what i like doing so that when i start talking about it all can see that indeed i am in my den.Life is too short for detours, we are who we choose to be in the end!

Water Baptism

It had been a long time since that day. Tuesday afternoon, grey clouds hanged lazily in the sky and it was swimming day. I rushed out with my usual charisma as the class dashed for swimming in the school pool.

Got there and the pool was full to the brim. We lined up, girls on one line and boys in another. I was third in line and i entered the water and started floating on top. Loved doing that! While floating another boy came in the water jumping and in the process managed to crush me into the water. I wasn’t big at that time, certainly not as tall as i am now! I tried to pull up but i became so disoriented, i could not figure out which which side was up. I could only see green now and i was now taking in a lot of water. I had reached the end of my oxygen and i closed my eyes as i now settled at the bottom of the pool. I remember a hand coming through the water and grabbing my hand, it pulled me towards the steps and soon enough i was out. I gasped for air, and opened my eyes to see i was outside. Everyone was outside staring and i sat down gasping for air. Moments passed and i could not face down, i could still see the green i saw down there.

The person who saved me was my teacher, Mrs Chitanda. Thank God for her. She asked if i wanted to get back into the water and i said no. That day changed me terribly. I get panic attacks in huge bodies of water, if the shower is showering too much water my heart races at a scary rate and i think of the time again.

I had lived quite well never entering pools frequently, or taking light showers, not getting onto boats but i had never been water baptized. That was too much a thought to bear. To go under water again, sorry no! But i wrote it as something i had to do this year. Opportunity came and today was the day. I got into the pool towards the guy who was going to baptize me. I remember having to put my hand on my nose and then go under. My heart was racing furiously and part of me wanted to say no, but i managed to live through the craziness left on that day and get baptized. I know i am far from mastering my fear but i managed to overcome the first step today and also achieve something of great importance i had put aside because of my fear.

I wrote an email to the son of the woman who rescued me, asking him to forward it to his mother because in each step i take in conquering my fear, i am going to pray, thanking God for what she did for me.

whats up!!

Sorry i have been quiet. A bit too quiet. I have been faced with situations that require me to make decisions that can alter aspects about my life, e.g my geographical location, the direction i am heading in life, the society i am exposed to, exposure to what i like doing professionally, dreams and aspirations (though these decisions are suppose to aid in this).

A lot of people view me as a person who can make right decisions and someone who picks off the best strategy in terms of roads i take and things i do. If it were all true then i would not need Gods guidance in all i do :)!

I had gotten awfully depressed over this because the decisions all have serious implications and i try to think one through and already it sets a cloud of depression over me. Over and over and over and the people who know me the most i am depressed when i am confused! Rarely confused but when i do get confused i get really depressed because i am a person who doesn’t like being blind sighted, i take a lot of precaution before i make moves so that the occurrence of surprises is at a minimum.

I then remembered an experience that happened to me last year! As i was walking out of church a lady pushed through the crowd and grabbed my arm. She pulled me to the side and started saying things about my life in detail, the friends i have, what i do, what i am facing in life and some of the things i was going to face this year. She said that “Next year (meaning 2012), you are going to face a situation where by opportunity to travel will come before you, career options will come before you, business options are going to come up and educational opportunities are going to come up and you will be in a situation where you have to make a decision on what to go with”. I had totally forgotten this until it was brought to remembrance just a few days and though to most it would not seem obvious i was reminded of what i am suppose to do in this lifetime. After all the mandate to live this life is not my own. Decision, of course i will make it and i know i will make the right one. Time to gloat is past because i have a reassurance that in the end there will be peace.