Have been working on something

Tell me what you think about this intro

“It is every man’s right to find a portion of sleep after the passing of a day; to forget the trials of the day under the sun and to be in a place where all could be as it would be desired. King Ordo was no different from any other man; he had put his cheek to a soft pillow and drifted away to the land of dreams just as the sun had set. His now grey hair and beard did him no justice considering he slept much like a just born baby; smile across the face with a shining brightness showing that all was alright. He was a King without much a worry for he had been indeed a good king, having found favor with his people and having seen years of great prosperity bestowed upon his people. As he slumbered away into the night, his youngest daughter Moriah pondered away in her quarters, writing a letter while trying to come up with words to convey a meaning which was perhaps eluding her at each turn. Moriah thought of every wit she had ever dared to pull out of her bag to somehow convey her feelings but even a crowned jewel finds a moment where love and admiration drives words right out of one’s mouth. Like a child she thought of the words to say for she had reached the time a man would ask for her hand in marriage. Of course, no man dared to dance in her courts for the sake of observing mere life! She was beautiful, she had fair complexion that left any man with a definition of beauty speechless. Her beauty cut her out of a crowd from a distance and her slender look made any man desire her but no man ever dared her for she was a beauty and beast. She had the whims of a damsel yet the sword hand of a great warrior. She had been trained to wield sword and bow with such great prowess that some of the King’s greatest warriors dared not spar with her. All except one, for he alone had found the eye of the Kings daughter and he was no common man.”


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