Quite a show

I was pondering today as i was serving at church, here it was the podium and i could see all the seats. I thought of my days when i loved the world and what it gave me, alcohol and all forms of dementia. I thought of how the world and elements in it invest so much (monetary, effort etc) into making what they offer so enticing and so real and why when i look at the podium i can only feel that perhaps we don’t do as much.

I moved away from trying to look at why we don’t do stuff but looked at how God is more than able to meet and surpass what the world does in the name of sin but does not. I wondered, but why doesn’t God put a show like that everyday. As i went away in my car it then hit me, the world puts on a show because what it is communicating is a matter of enticement, a matter of what the eye will like. So much money goes into wrong movies, wrong music, wrong TV shows and the world loves it.

God on the other hand does not put a show at all. People have been saved in the darkest of slums. Why? Because his show is not for what the eye will see but it is for the heart to behold and the spirit to recognize. So as it hit me i saw the vision again at the podium where i stood and saw that there was no show, so plain simple, almost dry if i could dare but in the spirit, where my eyes could not see hordes of Angels danced and Gods spirit moved with such great glory that indeed it would be termed quite a show.


5 thoughts on “Quite a show

  1. I think that God always puts on a show, but it is only one that can be seen by a discerning heart who seeks to see what God can really do. Man rejects miracles so easily because they want to deny God His Glory for His works and try to explain it away by means of science, music, entertainment and anything that distracts us from the realness of His presence in our lives. The World thrusts anything to numb us from the true spectacle of God’s glory, so we are blinded by the music of the world while God is still it the miracle performing business. I want to see more of Him rather than remain blinded by the entertainment that clouds His true Form of Love in our lives.

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