How did i start the year

I realized a few things as the year started. But the greatest lesson was that not everyone will always be so concerned with your future. Straight up and down of it, not everyone always has your interests at heart or even wants to see you grow. What i have observed is that peoples inability to dream for others is because they themselves are incapable of dreaming for themselves.

The world needs people who love enough to see a future that is not seen because the power of love allows people to taste grace. I started the year good, at least i have something to focus on more this year


3 thoughts on “How did i start the year

  1. What a discovery it is Russell. I think it’s sad not everyone has the ability to dream for themself and therefore can’t dream for others. Well, happy I am a good dreamer and your future matters very much to me my friend! This was such a good post Russell, very thought provoking indeed. Hope and pray that more people will get the power of love concept, too. πŸ™‚

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