how are my friends doing

I am so sorry for being silent. Wont even begin to tell you what was going on but i am OK! I am more curious about you, the drama and funny stories! Whats new?


8 thoughts on “how are my friends doing

  1. Good to know you are alright and alive! Nothing much to tell about whats going on my end! You cal always read for little update in my life! lol Hope all Is well on your end! God Bless 🙂

  2. We were all missing you Russell! PJ sure got it right, we are all glad you are alive and seemingly well. The drama not so much from the twins, just hoping you aren’t upset with us leaving you 2 more awards. We are worried about PJ of course, but praying overtime. Sherline is busy with her other new blog “Ramblings of a Creative Mind”, please check it out! Let’s see…inquiring minds all want to know why you asked us the question for the ladies. Oops, sorry I said I wasn’t going to ask! Right about now, I do believe I hear you saying Gabby please do shut up! Of course you might say it more kindly, maybe?Just remember, we will all come looking for you next time Russell, no more disappearing please! 🙂

  3. Sherline’s link is: This should take you right to her blog. She’s writing some awesome things! It’s a nice thing you said about women being admirable Russell…I know! You are going to put PJ, Sherline Autumn and me in your next book! lol 😉 I know you check in on PJ, but Autumn and I both think maybe you could please check in with her more? Sorry to make this so long again, I really must confess I am rather chatty! 🙂

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