how do you fight off insomnia

How do you fight off insomnia?Without medical means of course! I have always had a problem with insomnia.


5 thoughts on “how do you fight off insomnia

  1. Actually I’m battling it out right now since the Fast started and ended for me. The way I see it, if medical means don’t work then you can pray through out the night and meditate. I find that when I meditate intensely I start to fall asleep. You can drink warm milk…*yuck*, that often works, but you shouldn’t eat late like don’t eat food after 9:00pm because that could also be a reason why you are up too because of the who digestive process needs to complete within 1-2hrs. You can exercise at night, or you can read books. but all I have suggested won’t gurantee as a cure “just sayin'”. 😀

  2. Once again Nightshade gave some good answers, didn’t she? Having the insomina thing going off & on since losing my husband. I really do write, listen to music and this isn’t for everyone…I exercise, too!

  3. Yay, I have met more people who don’t like milk! I knew we was place in each other life for a reason.

    When Im having insomina I write, pretty much helps me and like Sherline said I pray! You don’t realize you fell asleep to you wake up! God Bless 🙂

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