Last week of Daniel’s fast

I will always remember this fast as the one i came prepared and expectant for. First week was horrible, irritable bowl syndrome was trying to drive me to quit but perseverance outlasts persecution. Second week went so well i hardly even noticed that i was fasting, it was all for the goal i was going for, for a man i know to have a healthy bouncing baby boy as he is so desperately fighting for. Why fast for another person? Because if i can love my brother enough to sacrifice for him all my needs will be taken care of. My desire and prayer for him, that him, his wife and child who had a health scare all find the Lord and come to know his peace. To bring healing to their family for some of the hardships they have faced and to bring smiles onto their faces.

Why so generous Russell? Because i am incapable of asking for something that i want, i would rather fight for it so in the end i would ask for other people to receive what they want. Not because i am weak, but because perhaps other people are more important than i am.



4 thoughts on “Last week of Daniel’s fast

  1. What a beautiful and loving reason for your fast Russell. I am glad the 2nd week went better than the 1st for you. Hope you are doing OK with the depression and all, too. Sorry, but I do worry as well as pray! Be well and take care Russell. 🙂

  2. Well done Russell. You in your final Stretch. I have finished mine as of today and I am having a Tea partayyyyyyyy lol. Stay Blessed 😀 and I wasn’t trying to brag lol 😉

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