Trick or 2 for dealing with people

Whenever you find a job, and you sit and have the privilege of meeting clients, always be dressed OK, smile and know your stuff. Drop the know it all attitude because some customers know more about what you do than you do. And if they pay more money than you are paid then be extra nice not to piss them off because if they walk away you can get fired.

Did not have internet for 2 days, so went to my ISP for the office. Got greeted by a know it all attitude that really made a fool of the company i work for which pays a hefty bill for an internet connection every month. I do not take such situations lightly, because i take pride in the company i work for and what we do. I am not afraid to fight fire with fire because in the end, its opinions like mine that determine if we renew our contract with you and guarantee you get paid. Left offices in cold silence, not because i show off where i am in control, but because i expect better from people who we pay so much and if you want to make a fool of me because of your mistakes, break camp and advance before i get to you because like one before you, you can end up silent.

With much love,



4 thoughts on “Trick or 2 for dealing with people

  1. hahahahaha it’s so nice to hear from you again Russell. God a little worried there since you were so silent. Seems like the know it all doesn’t seem to know anything about tact and diplomacy. In this world, you’ve gotta entertain strangers because you just don’t know where your blessing will come from. Otherwise people leave a trail of burned bridges. 😉

  2. Good post Russell and very well said! 🙂 I was worrying about you myself, we haven’t heard much from you in a few days. Trying to respect your silence, knowing you will talk when you’re ready, Take Care! 🙂

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