Understanding emotions

I am a lot of things, good and bad but i am one thing i always tell people who try to understand me. I always say that i am emotionally immature! I never understood emotions, a greater part of my childhood led me to believe that showing emotion was a sign of weakness.

Call it dads greatest lesson, as i enter some of the finer stages of life i find myself trying to figure out what i feel when i see a beautiful lady who makes my heart pulse, or when i see a dog run over on the side of the road (love dogs by the way!). Is it possible to live without emotion, no! What i say is it is possible to suppress emotion so much for such a long period that you become unable to process emotions in your natural set like you are suppose to. You always end up misinterpreting emotions in the wrong way and thus seem like an unstable current.

Why blog, because i am trying to find answers to stuff like this by going through others peoples experiences and seeing how they dealt with the more common things in life. Experience, the greatest teacher even if it is on a 3rd hand.


5 thoughts on “Understanding emotions

  1. I liked what our friend Nightshade had to say, she is a wise one! Supressing emotions, I have never been able to do that, Russell. I over-feel if that’s such a word. People can always see it all written on my face and I am so open, it’s the only way I know how to be. Not sure if that’s good or bad, but it’s me!

    1. as i went about my life i found that i could suppress any form of emotion, even grief. to the point that i would appear as stone. Some of my buddies said that i have a blackhole where my heart is suppose to be. fascinating šŸ™‚

  2. Russell,

    I haven’t seen you to be blackhole person, I done read how you use to be. You have a bigheart amazing onat that. I done heard I dont show emotion. I believe my blog and poetry tells another story. Good question, but as Ms. Sherline said Thank GOD were not robots.

    God Bless You My Friend šŸ™‚

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