Death, a common stranger!

I got a call from my mom while i was at the office. A woman who had worked for my mom, knew her since i was a kid. Very nice lady, she passed away this morning. She just fell and that was that. I saw her yesterday while i was driving from church and waved at her as she went her way, and now she is dead. Wow!


I went to see her daughter and son who are now without parents both parents are dead, the daughter fought back the tears, “she just dropped and she was rushed to the clinic but she was too late”. I knew what happened as i was thinking to myself, she had high blood pressure problems and she didn’t stick to her medication. She had probably gone for a prolonged period without taking something to reduce her blood pressure. She always said she didn’t like pills, but i guess today she can’t reconsider. What will happen to her kids, i don’t know. Reminds me of what happened when Belana died, its all so unreal to think the person is gone!


What can i possibly say, what can i say that will make the situation any different. In all my wisdom, i have seen one thing, that death can rob me of words without much effort. R.I.P my dear.


8 thoughts on “Death, a common stranger!

  1. Omgoodness! I’m so sorry to hear this terrible news. I find it difficult to confront death personally, especially when it’s too sudden. My prayers go out to the children in this time of need. Sometimes, it’s not really words that help a situation, it’s just you being there that does. Just being there to comfort them as they grieve is what is needed to overcome it all. Knowing that there are people who love you inspite of the outcome is what I think is comforting in such situations. I know that if something like that happened to me, I’d want to be comforted by friends and family even if they haven’t got anything to say…just being there makes a big difference and what keeps a persons mind from being driven into heavy depression after the fact.

    1. i am no stranger to “what keeps a persons mind from being driven into heavy depression after the fact.” very good point, i am attending the burial, i really wish i could do something. But i guess its the inner sense in me trying to do something without realizing i am doing something

    1. I cannot stand seeing people hurting, even if i cant do anything, it just tears me up. Some say i have a good heart, i just experienced too much pain in my life and i never want to see it happening to another person. I can’t ignore it, i just cant. Thank you for stopping by

  2. Russell I am so sorry for your loss and these poor kids loss. It makes it more difficult when it’s all so sudden. You did the right and best thing going to see the kids. I will be praying for them, it really is so sad. Stay strong my friend, you are in my prayers, too.

  3. Oh my goodness, that is just so sad! I will be praying. Life is so hard to understand sometimes, isn’t it? I can see t hat it has affected you, Russell. You do have a good heart šŸ™‚

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