……..Up and about in my mind……

You are there, eyes drifting away, fingers touching nothing yet fidgeting about as if they hold the sands of creation, waiting for the idea to pass into existence,

Your hair short and shiny cuts across your forehead as you drift away there, looking into a distant future, daring to dream, catching me in an unintended moment of thought,

You don’t have to smile at me, I can see on your face that you are happy. Smile, make me crumble at my joints, blow me away and leave me in a place where your smile is a star guiding me to your warm embrace.

Your hands, soft like velvet to the skin, you follow the pace of each finger from the beginning to the end, and each finger leads me down a path of thought, could she be, she has to be, why is she, because she is beautiful and she is weaving me around her finger without much effort.

She is up and about in my mind


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