Lazy Lazy Lazy

I realized yesterday that the world has 3 types of people, People who makes things happen, people who watch things happen and people who wonder what the hell just happened. After being exposed to a conversation that lasted just a few seconds i realized how laziness always finds an excuse for remaining lazy, for not working, for not achieving something.

We have a lot of passengers in life, people who want free rides, people who want to be paid for not doing anything, people who dont see the need to get their clothes and nails dirty when they can just send someone else to do it.

Work edifies the one who is willing to sacrifice a part of himself to get something done but laziness robs the person who wants to sit and watch while others work # Russell Mazonde

By the time people want to work it is often too late, laziness has destroyed other peoples hopes in you. Perhaps one must always think of the impression they make in other peoples minds with the way they act and the way they speak because in this world there is no room for laziness. You won’t get anywhere in this lifetime.


6 thoughts on “Lazy Lazy Lazy

  1. You made some really good points here Russell. This was a wonderful post! People should think about where they want to get in this life. I am so happy to say, I make things happen! 🙂

  2. It’s amazing how lazy people work hard at doing absolutely nothing is something that I keep saying. If you don’t work, you don’t eat that’s my grounds of truth for the lazy seeker.

      1. Love the new pic by the way Russell. I didn’t know you wear glasses. So do I but I hope by some miracle I will never have to wear them ever again and have 20/20 vision.

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