2012, Here at last

I was at church all of last night. Coffee is a great discovery ya’al. I am thankful for all of you coming into my life in 2011 and i definitely know we will be together in 2012 and i hope you all grow from the experience of me as much as i am growing from my experience of you. I have a few things i want to look at this year, I am quite the character still in need of panel beating but i am glad i am gettingΒ  there. New years resolution :(, hmmm never do those. I do that and i will not do the resolution at all but i do plan my year and make stepping stones that make the trip to where i want to go easier, a bit of a realist with the dare to dream. I am doing to be working on a new book called Serah: Rise of Moriah. You will find out what craziness i am thinking very soon. I have found an editor i trust so January my three books should be in for editing. First publications will be for amazon kindle πŸ™‚ and the rest will follow.


Is there anything you want me to do for you this year, please let me know?


5 thoughts on “2012, Here at last

  1. I’m glad to have met you Last Year. This year’s gonna be awesome!!!!! Happy New Year Russell! I’m gonna go to Church soon but I wanted to drop a Line at wish you blessings for the New Year. God is sooooooo Good to us. He deserves our attention this Year. Stay Blessed my brotha! πŸ˜€

  2. Wishing you a very Happy New Year Russell! It was wonderful meeting you in 2011, don’t worry we twins will be around. I am so happy for you and thank you for sharing the news about your books! πŸ™‚

  3. Finally making it back to your lovely post. welcome to 2012, and I’m so excited for you about your publication, I know you’ll keep us posted so we can continue to share your JOURNEY! You or truly BLESS. God Bless

    Welcome to 2012:)

    You have been a BLESSSING to me, Glad we have met πŸ™‚

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