People are different

No matter how much you might think you are a titan, progressing through life, getting all you wish for, money, cars, sex, toys and all that yick yack do not ever assume everyone leads the same example of life you lead. Due to the difference in personalities you will find there are people who have not even experienced what you do so openly and do not even have it high on their priority list. People will always have different priorities and if you view yours as the worlds view on what is important in life then by definition you are a fool because what is right in your eyes may be poison in the eyes of others.

Fools are the ones who try to be wise in sight of many, trying to prove they know something when they are way of target. Being a fool is no different from being like toilet paper, you lose your shape and purpose when rain finds you. You just wither away 🙂 If you can see that people are different and instead of imposing your priorities on other people, try to understand theirs and how they are molding their lives, you would find the right way to go. People are different, always see this and understand how it contributes to how they lead their lives.



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