Talking too much

How do you tell someone they talk too much? I am a blunt person but that is not always nice for the people i am talking to. I need a civilized method of dealing with this.


5 thoughts on “Talking too much

  1. I hear what you’re saying Russell, sadly I don’t have a good answer. There is no way to say shut up without being rude. I am anxious to see if some other kind reader has a good suggestion for you.

  2. Be like me…blunt “YOU TALK TOO MUCH” lol. Sometimes there is no way of being subtle about it when you need to call out on a behaviour that you need to curb with much enthusiasm. Spare the rod or spoil the child I say.

  3. I forgot to mention that you also have to warn them that “if you don’t watch what you say….your mouth will land you in trouble one day”. A word of advice after saying shut up is a good follow up for admonishing someone. Also it depends on the person…if the person is teachable be nice about it…but it they are kantankerous…well, bluntness is the way to go about it. 😀 Hope that helps. The “Heart-breaker” has spoken and the “Character builder has spoken”. LOL.

  4. lol! I believe you right on that one. I tend to give them the evilest look when they working my nerves by talking so much. Most of the time it works and others you have to be like can you be quiet or do you mind. SHUT UP is one of my favorite words to say, but I try to be nice if I can. lol

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