Be careful how you approach people

So we are moving offices to a new location. I was handling security. We are a telecoms company and security on site is very important to us. So we contracted a local company to do the job. they handled security for our last site and we were happy with them. Our account went and paid and the alarm was being installed last week Monday and the security screens the day after. Alarm guys came and did the job, super fine! The engineering guys who door security screens didn’t pitch. So our accountant called the guys to ask and the guy we had dealt with refuted that he told us they were coming on that day. 2 people from our company were testifying he did but he still refused. He said it was penciled in for today. So a bit frustrated with his behavior and how he screwed up our time frame i made a phone call to someone. It was the managing director of the company who happens to be a very good business associate of mine. It didn’t take much to get him to understand the problem and surely he did, with a heavy breath of course.

“I will take care of it Russell, don’t worry!” Moments later he send me a text with the cell phone number of who i would be dealing with. I didn’t make a move. Two days later as agreed our accountant got a phone call. They were coming to do the job, a team had been rerouted to take care of us. The team manager came in and had the privilege of meeting me and he was quick to highlight how much trouble they got into because of this entire problem. I just said to him, “I use you guys because you do a damn good job but if you want to make fools out of us when we are the customer we will prove a point. I do not always want to go through a higher seat for something so simple. As people we should learn to treat each other as we would like to be treated and avoid making inconveniences for others. We had made plans on your word that you would be done and we have barely managed to move the plan around. Do not ever do something and think that people will not have a way of reacting, you never know who that person knows!”

Glad they did a splendid job, that’s why i like them 🙂


One thought on “Be careful how you approach people

  1. I guess this is your rant for the day. I totally understand your sentiments on this one since sometimes people let others down by failing to fulfill a promise, well in this case it is an agreement and still expect the customer to remain loyal after having lost faith in their services. That always gets me.

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