Christian fantasy

We have all seen films like the lord of the rings and played games like final fantasy. My question is, fantasy stories tell stories that are far from reality but have very good lessons about life and how we really should try and learn from them. Is there room in this world for christian fantasy stories, that show the world and all it can be, God and his power in extra ordinary storyline as well as construct a fictional world where lessons are the only real thing to derive?


4 thoughts on “Christian fantasy

  1. Of COURSE Christian fiction exists Bro. Russell! What you are looking for is: C.S. Lewis, a British author and Christian man who truly loved God with his mind. Or Maybe Tedd Bundy or Andrew Murray or Frank Peretti or Gene Edwards’ “A Tale of Three Kings” or Jonathan Donne (an anointed poet)…the list just goes on and on man. I’m a believer who loves literature and writing. Reply if want more authors/books. And “” Has tons of free Christian books on a range of topics. Also, lol, try “Parables for Personal Growth/ Tales for Your Healing Journey” or “Heaven is for Real” by Melinda Reinicke and Todd Burpo respectively. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  2. You may want to have a look at my latest novel, Russell, BLACK FOX IN THIN PLACES to be released by Emby Press before Christmas 2013.

    Thanks for this important inquiry.

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