Competing through life

I am reminded today that in life you will always find people who want to compete with others about everything. One of the reasons i have secluded myself from the bulk of my relatives is that they lead a life of competition, making kids compete against each other, competing with other parents like we are all race horses.

Is that it, to prove that i am better than you, i am richer than you, i have a better boyfriend or marriage than you? Quite astonishing really. A good friend of mine once said “i will not let my level of existence stoop down to the shallowness of your intellect”# Temba Simba

I think this constant need to compete with people springs from a identity crisis! A day before Christmas our Gardner came to my mom and asked for $50.00. He said that his parents had called and that they had no food and he needed to rush to see them and carry food to leave for them. So us being the generous folk we gave him what he asked for. On Christmas day we found some papers torn about the back yard, Jappy my dog of course was behind it all. We cleaned it up without much thought, its just a dog! After cleaning up Jappy came with more and we now wanted to find out where Jappy was getting all this paper and we ended up finding a bin at the gardeners house with a box for a new cellphone right on top.

My mom almost had a fit, new cellphone when you saying there is no food! It came apparent to me that my gardener has a competition thing where he likes competing with me. I got a drivers license and now he wants one! I have a better phone and he wants an even better one! I am always smartly dressed, he buys clothes every month! I always didn’t want to acknowledge it, but after my mom highlighted these incidents i came to realize that indeed it was true.

One thing i have learnt is that if you are waking up everyday, working your butt off and trying to build a legacy for yourself, your family,  your wife and children, you would not compete because those who compete are the ones who have goals that do not propagate over generations! Their site is for the now and the appeasement of the eyes of men and usually those who like competing always pick people who are always way out of their league anyway! Life is too important to compete over stupid stuff like phones, cars, clothes and money! really


4 thoughts on “Competing through life

  1. This reminds me of some of my grandparents gardener dramarama that they’ve had for the past few months. My Grandfather’s favorite saying would be concerning this very topic is that “You can take a man out of the bush but you can’t take the bush out of the man” lol. It’s a mentality thing…competition is cultivated with an attitude of ingratitude to what you currently have and is rooted in personal greed and covetousness. Sometimes people don’t seem to respect that they really have it good then most and that some things aren’t “rights” but “Privileges” that come from a job well done and also proven display of integrity. Disrespect is what they have had to battle from worker to worker. Some come with some sense of aloofness that is astounding but my grandparents don’t take that to well because you gotta nip that wanton pride in the butt to nurture an attitude of humility. LOL at this post…brings me soo much memories of the craziness that my grandparents have had to deal with. Loved reading it. Your mom has every right to be ticked off. That just ain’t right what that gardener did.

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