Merry Christmas Judith

So about 2 weeks ago i meant a very close aunt of mine and she wanted to know if i could come to her house with my computer so that she could use skype. Her daughter Judith had a child and up until now she had never seen her grandchild. So yesterday i packed up my laptop and drove to her house, about 40 minutes away from my house. I got there and started the skype phone call. We really should not take for granted such things, i use skype everyday and they had never seen or heard of it!

So Judith got online with the child and they had a one and a half hour chat where the whole family got to see the child moving and screaming and playing and Judith got to see her family including her grandmother. Her grandmother due to old age does not see as clear but because of putting things on fullscreen she go to see her great grand child! What a blessing! She spoke to her siblings, her mom and dad and it was really quite amazing because they had never seen the little one and they hadn’t seen judith in years. I was just sitting there looking at how a simple piece of technology gave this entire family of more than 7 the best christmas gift ever.

I have never seen such a bunch of happy people like what i saw yesterday. Some look for presents that can be bought but these guys wanted a memory! Thats all!

This is the greatest christmas gift i have ever given anyone, just allowing people to have their dream come true by driving against a torrent of traffic, sitting there for 2 hours and having them use my laptop.


Merry Christmas Judith



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