I don’t know what to call this

So 2 days ago i got a call from my next door neighbor. Hazel is her name. We grew up together before her parents passed away and she had to go and stay elsewhere. She moved back not too long ago and we have picked up the crazy neighbor thing from where we left off:). Her aunt who she had not seen in 5 years was flying from South Africa, coming home from Christmas and she wanted me to give her a ride to pick her up at the airport. I agreed and i think you know me too well on that :).

I had gone to the office to do some work as we are moving offices but came back to pick her up and went to the airport. We spent 2 hours at the airport before we discovered that the person who had informed us of her arrival was not at all informed and had lied to us. She was coming the following day which is yesterday at 1805hrs. So we left the airport and went and dropped Hazel and her cousins at home. I got on with my day of course!

Yesterday while i was at a friends house, i received a call, it was Hazel. She wanted help again but i could tell she was hesitating because she thought i would shoot her off the map fast. I agreed and said i would be at her house at 1715 hrs. By that time i was at her gate but she had gone to pick her aunts father who wanted to come to the airport. Apparently the old timer had last been at the airport in 1979 and this was his second time in his entire life to be at the airport. Quite Fascinating really!

So while she was out i went to get gas for my car because it was low! While i was coming back she called and apologized for missing the time and i met her at my gate. I took the trio who were going to the airport, showed them around the airport and where to go when someone arrives, where to see them first when they are getting their baggage and so on. We picked up the just arrived aunt and made our way back home, traffic wasn’t so bad :). We got to her house and i unloaded the bags and took them into the house. I was about to go when hazel asked me to take her to the shopping center in our neighborhood to get some stuff for her grandfather which he wanted. The aunt came out to meet me and asked how much i wanted for all the trouble. I refused her money! We had a good 10 minute discussion where she sighted that i did 2 trips to the airport and i am refusing to be refunded including money for parking at the airport. I refused, and told her it was ok! I told her i lack nothing materialistic and i did it from the bottom of my heart.

Truth of the matter, the aunt looked so much like Hazel’s mother and that brought back memories. Though i was young i do remember a bit about her mom and how hazel cried when she passed away. She joined us on the trip to the shops and again tried to offer me something to show her appreciating but i refused it. I told her it would offend me because i wanted her to spoil her family and friends and not me, she shouldn’t worry about me. I took it no one had ever been so nice to her, a stranger at most! I drove them back home and she invited me in for dinner but i couldn’t stay because it was late and i don’t see so good at night.

I saw the phone hazel was using, i always antagonize her for it because its the prehistoric reptile of a phone that i am surprised can even call :). She had been badgering me for a while and i told her i would give it to her tomorrow which is today. I had to clear my stuff on it of course. Not much considering i hate blackberry but she was over the moon ;). I told the aunt to give me a call so i can take her back to the airport when she is leaving, no need to worry πŸ™‚

You might know me just a bit, or a lot like some people! I was never a nice person, i would have never done this in my lifetime. I was never a giving person. But strangely Gods grace does things to people and even changes hearts of stone like me! I like giving and hate asking for something because, hmmmm i don’t know. One pastor at our church said one simple act can change the direction of an entire family generational tree! # Doctor Makoni

It’s a process but i think all of us can go out of our way for others because the word of God is not of words only but of action and love.


11 thoughts on “I don’t know what to call this

  1. You brought me to tears of laughter at “prehistoric reptile of a phone” But on a serious note. AMEN with the last quote “It’s a process but i think all of us can go out of our way for others because the word of God is not of words only but of action and love.” totally a depiction of faith with works. It’s amazing how God transforms our selfish selves into selfless selves. It’s a long journey but we can all get there. You did good my brother you did good. That’s what it means to be your brother’s keeper. You’re an example of “living the definition” of what Jesus was all about.

  2. Hmm Russel, was she your date??? Jk lol haha! You cracked me up with the description of that phone. Reminds me of my friend’s phone; scotch-tapped, thin…a skeleton barely existing if not for scotch tape. Poor phone dropped in a pot of soup an she lovingly saved it. Still using it lol but now she alternates with a newer Samsung her dad gave her. On a side note, you’re doing a great thing! You have a kind heart πŸ™‚

  3. It is amazing but true – giving of yourself in such a manner – an great act of kindness can change someone’s life. It draws them closer to the Savior we serve. Great Post. I look forward to hearing more about this in the future as I am sure a great testimony will develop.

  4. Russell, this is just so beautiful, I very much enjoyed reading it. I agree we should go out of our way to help others, it does our heart good. The word of God is just not words, it truly is also action and love.We can change lives with simple acts! I have to go along with what PJ said, it really is so hard to believe how you used to be and I am so grateful you found God.

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